• Hole #5
      The most challenging hole in Angtay. The green
      is elevated in a way that the front is collapsed. The
      area of the green is somewhat around 90sq.m. only,
      making it the hardest to play in regulation.
      This hole is 450 yards long.
    • Hole #7
      An Island green of 110sq.m. in area.
      This hole is guarded by a water hazzard.
      It is 155 yards from tee to green.
    • Hole #6
      This hole is a par 5 with a length of 540 yards.
      It has a very large water hazzard just infront
      of the green giving each golfer a varying tester
      in each and every decision onto the green.
    • Fairways
      Most of the fairways have a larger opening about
      35 to 50yards in width. The middle parts are
      narrower in which is only about 20 to 25y.

Driving Range

AngTay driving range is a very good training ground for all golfers. It is 120y in width and 290y in length, perfect for everyone including the very established golfers. It can accommodate 30 players at the same time. The grass in AngTay is mixed wild grass making the range very consistent when it comes to actually having a good lie since it grows grass very quickly. It is also driven by hard working ball boys who in any case would comfort all golfers who would practice on the range. The range also has flood lights in the evening to light the place up when the golfers have no time to practice in the day. The range also has two practice greens in which anyone can practice his/her putting, day or night. The range is also inclosed with a line of mahogany trees left and right making it very safe for the players playing in the fairways of AngTay. The driving range can also be rented out for a wide range of events from small caterings and hosting events to major concerts. The club has now catered birthdays, weddings, debuts and concerts such as the Tanduay T5.