• Hole #5
      The most challenging hole in Angtay. The green
      is elevated in a way that the front is collapsed. The
      area of the green is somewhat around 90sq.m. only,
      making it the hardest to play in regulation.
      This hole is 450 yards long.
    • Hole #7
      An Island green of 110sq.m. in area.
      This hole is guarded by a water hazzard.
      It is 155 yards from tee to green.
    • Hole #6
      This hole is a par 5 with a length of 540 yards.
      It has a very large water hazzard just infront
      of the green giving each golfer a varying tester
      in each and every decision onto the green.
    • Fairways
      Most of the fairways have a larger opening about
      35 to 50yards in width. The middle parts are
      narrower in which is only about 20 to 25y.

Contact Us

For any inquiries please contact

 Jap Chua - 09278699407 - japatitong7@yahoo.com angtaygolfandrestaurant@yahoo.com

Freqently Asked Questions

How can I be a member of AngTay Golf Course?

How can I be a member of AngTay Golf Course?

File a membership form. It has to be processed in AngTay since a signature is required. Requirements are:

  • 2x2 picture
  • photocopy of residency or address
  • photocopy of passport

Call 09167548039 for more information.

Accept Credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

How do I get to Angtay from the Dumaguete Airport?

By Tricycle.

Upon arriving and exiting the airport. Hire a Tricycle and go straight to Angtay.