• Hole #5
      The most challenging hole in Angtay. The green
      is elevated in a way that the front is collapsed. The
      area of the green is somewhat around 90sq.m. only,
      making it the hardest to play in regulation.
      This hole is 450 yards long.
    • Hole #7
      An Island green of 110sq.m. in area.
      This hole is guarded by a water hazzard.
      It is 155 yards from tee to green.
    • Hole #6
      This hole is a par 5 with a length of 540 yards.
      It has a very large water hazzard just infront
      of the green giving each golfer a varying tester
      in each and every decision onto the green.
    • Fairways
      Most of the fairways have a larger opening about
      35 to 50yards in width. The middle parts are
      narrower in which is only about 20 to 25y.

AngTay Golf & Country Club

Located at the heart of Dumaguete City and a 5 minute drive from the airport. AngTay is situated along Rovira Road, Bantayan, Dumaguete City just beside Saint Paul's University.


Overview of the course


AngTay is composed of 9 holes and is fairly flat, perfect for players who would want to practice on even ground. It is 3200m or 3.2km in length and is a bit tricky in some of the holes. It has 3 easy holes, 3 mid challenging holes and three signature, tedius holes. AngTay is mostly known for lots of water hazzards just in the proximity of the green especially on the harder holes. The greens in AngTay are medium-fast and also very hard to read, very much to the enjoyment of everyone. In addition, players must perform target golf to maintain competetive scores, as the greens are smaller than what's usual. AngTay also has a few doglegs wherein risk & reward ratio will come in handy.


Our fairways are very narrow and is made out of different types of grass. Just about 25 to 30y in width making it a very challenging target for golfers.


Our greens are all made up of perfectly maintained Bermuda grass. Medium-fast in the morning and slick and speedy in the afternoon. Cheers!

More About AngTay

Soothe yourselves with the amazingly challenging greens and the tight and forward fairways, a perfect way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon under the sun.


AngTay can also give you all sorts of fun in the clubhouse aside from the occasional game against the field...


1) Golf lessons

2) Dine with the best cuisines in Dumaguete

3) Chit-chat with friends or other golfers over coffee or drinks

4) Appreciate the scenic beauty of the place as it gives you a relaxing breath of fresh air